Saturday, September 29, 2012

Play time.

                                     Today we had some fun family time at the park. I, of course,
                                                           brought my camera along.
                     My beautiful , why in the world do you keep taking pictures of me, teenager daughter.
                                                                    Miss thing #5
                                                            Spicy daughter child #3
                                                                        #1 again
              Elfman daddy teaching princess #5 to throw. She looks like she's got the hang of it.
                                                                   The baby

The start- again-

I have started a few blogs. I have started a few projects and put them on those blogs. I have had a few kids which caused me to stop some of those projects which than caused me to have zero time to do a blog. So now instead of going back to those different blogs for those different projects I have decided to start this new blog that can be a catch all blog. I want to make it easier for myself by having only one spot to post my life. I chose this name b/c I picked it for my user name with instagram. I was thinking what would be a good name....I am a mom to 5 kids but  momto5kids is not creative. So something along the lines of always cleaning, always running a dog chasing it tail.....going in circles with no huge accomplishment. So that became my name but with a tale, My story. I am chasing my story in life. I am a wife to my husband of almost 15yrs (this nov 2012) Elfman (long story for the name but that will be his nickname) We have 5 amazing children ages 14,11,10,6, and 3. We have 3 girls and 2 boys. I love to paint, write poems, and take pictures. I love Jesus and believe in fully giving him my life. I am unorganized and cant spell worth a crap but I like talking and will do that on here. I hope you join me on my journey through living where sometimes it feels I am making progress and other times it feels I am just chasing my tale.