Monday, January 28, 2013

The Real Lion King

In the African plain I was born and raised.

I was Mufasa's first born son, so learning to be king was how I spent my day's.

Nala is my BFF and Zazu is my watch bird. There is my uncle with the evil plan who tries to
steal my dad's loyal herd.

I was told it is my fault that my dad went away. Uncle Scar told me to leave, get out, you cannot stay!

So I go and meet some new friends and years go by. Than Nala shows up and she did not come to say hi.

After a fight- where she wins- we go back to Pride Rock. I am now taking over- " Uncle Scar this has got to stop!"

A battle breaks out , it is the hyenas verses the big cats. When it is over my place on the throne I have back.

 charlene turney feb2 2011.(poem for a project for kori's class last year.

It has been hiding and it is time...

  It is hiding and has been for almost a mth now. My camera. It has been packed away in my camera backpack, untouched for right at one full month. The holidays are done, family is gone, and Christmas cards are sent off. My birthday is the middle of Jan but it did not even come out for that. It is kind of sad to think about all the missed opportunities, all the missed pictures. The problem is..I have a phone. The quality compared to my camera is terrible but the convenience is not comparable. With my phone I just snap and up-load for all to see. With my canon I snap, upload, edit if needed, than up-load again for all to see. So it was time. Time to pull it out, make sure everything is charged and get to work. I dont have a photo shoot but I have 5 children and there is always something to photograph with them. Here's to catching up on some, could be, missed opportunities and enjoying the tiny things that happen around us.

My two youngest ones playing with an old polly pocket set.

one of the rare times that they are playing...nicely.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Catch up. Christmas time

For the Christmas season this year I offered a mini session. It was lots of fun and kept me pretty busy for the mth. Here are a few pictures from some of the awesome families. 

Thank you families for letting my capture you and your loved ones in pictures for the holidays.