Thursday, June 16, 2016

Working through the book of John.

A few weeks ago I decided to post on Facebook that I was going to read John and need accountability to keep me on track. I was doing very well but as with most of my vacations, time gets away from me and word time gets put to the side. We get up early and go all day long to the Disney parks and come home and crash. I don't usually think twice about any kind of reading time. 

As I have been posting on Facebook what I am getting from the reading I have also saved those status into my notes on my phone. 
My post today will be adding 5 of the days to this one blog post. 

Day 1
Last night I wrote about needing accountability and wanting friends to join in reading the book of John from the bible. 
I love how when we actually want to make the time, the time is there. So many things can get in the way and a million real excuses can prevent us from reading our bibles. But, when we make a decision and choose to do it...time is there. Today I slept until 7:30. I got up, had my spark and vitamins, talked to my parents and sister, and still have time to start reading John before anyone wakes up. I am loving the summer sleep ins. 
Verse 10 in John 1 makes me sad when I read it from a parent's point of view.  "...the world did not recognize him" 
The whole first part talks about who is the true light and that v3, "Through him all things were made" 
How would you or do you handle a situation when someone doesn't recognize something you have created? It might be a great dinner, a clean house, an art piece, organizing an entire event, or a simple hair cut, that no one gave you credit. 

Day 2
For those of you reading in John with me congrats!! πŸŽ‰ Every excuse gets in your face a screams "I am the most important thing you have to do it NOW" 😀

If you are seeing this for the first time I am reading the book of John from the bible and love having friends joining me for accountability. You can start any time, we are not on a schedule. I am just posting things that stand out and you can join with comments on verses you like too. 

Today I loved how all through John 1:19-34 John always points back to Jesus. When asked who he was he says v23 John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, "I am the voice of one calling in the desert, 'Make straight the way for the Lord.' " 

Do our words always point people back to Jesus? I don't mean in an awkward way where people have no idea what you are saying but does our life and our actions and kind words show people that we are set apart. Do they see something in us  that says "I want to follow this Jesus?" 

V37 two disciples heard he was Jesus and followed. 
V41 -the first thing Andrew did was find his brother and tell him. 
V45 - Philip found Nathanael and told him " We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law..." 

This is convicting to me because I think -how many people did I tell when I first learned who Jesus was?- 
How many people do I tell about Jesus now? 
It is easy to post about it on Facebook but He is amazing news πŸ’•and I pray that my daily words and actions show people that I am set apart. 

What did you read about today and did anything stand out? Also how can we lead people to Jesus as we live our normal life?

Day 3 
It is the end of the day posting about it but I did get my reading in with the book of John. I am going to be real honest here today. On Sundays  I normally allow my church bible time to be my time to get in the Word, but I decided that today I would keep with the daily reading of John and post in case someone else didn't make it to church. For the confused ones, some friends and I are (at our own pace) reading the The book of John from the bible. I needed accountability and asked friends to help 😊 There are about 7 of us 😍 Anyone can join at any time, just post in the comments and say you want to and you can start reading John chapter 1 at your own pace. 
I am going off memory here so no actually verses but in John chapter 2 Jesus and his mother Mary attend a wedding. The wine runs out and Mary tells Jesus about this. He says (my words so maybe a little off) "why do you concern me with such things" 

I love this for two reason. 
1: I would imagine that he had to of walked some things out in faith in his home because how else would his mom of even know he could do anything if she hadn't seen him at home. (The water to wine at the wedding was his first public miracle if I am correct) 
2: All parents are super proud of their kids and the giftings they have. At parties or around friends we say " your aunt here what you can do" 
I wonder if Mary had some of that mama proud moment when asking Jesus to do something about the wine. 
I wanted to keep reading and post this morning but then littlest woke up and needed cuddling so...ya know. 
What are your thoughts on these verses? 
Did you get to read any parts of John today your self? 
Also for everyone who said you wanted to join are you ok if you get tagged for accountability purposes on your side? I want this to be fun and in no way condemning. If you say you want to join and go strong for 2 days and known for 3 days that is ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Just pick back up where you left off. If you are comfortable posting when you miss we can even say a prayer for time to work out so you can get in the Word. 
(Please correct my verse words if I messed them up. I am in bed and have no plans of getting up to confirm. 😜)

Day 4 
It is past the end of the day...I am so glad I got my reading from The Book of John in this morning because there is no way in a million years I would get it in now. I have learned this and said years ago that I never want to get up early to read my bible but I have never regretted doing it and I am always so glad I did! You can make small changes to your life that will make a long lasting ripple effect.

Day 5
Look at this, today is day 5 of my daily reading from the bible in John. See people, accountability works!! Just the simple act of setting my mind to something and posting about accountability has helped me get in the word every day since that decision. That is so huge and awesome. Today has been my favorite reading so far. John 2:12-25 talks about men using the temple courts for a market and Jesus was ticked to say the least. The part that I really looked at was the very end and I would love to hear your thoughts on it too! Verse 23-25 check it out and comment. ❤️

It is great to go back and even read what I posted not so long ago. God's word is always exciting and always alive and powerful. If you get in a funk where reading the bible is about as fun as walking through a pond of mud, that is OK. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» 
Before you start reading ask God to open your eyes to see his word in a new light. Pray for your heart to be open to what he is saying. Maybe pick a common section of scripture and study it. Look up the meaning of words and see if new insight comes with the well rounded definitions. Always push though the dry spells because blessings come when we push though those times.