Friday, November 11, 2016

Walking the fence of this election.

You may have strong emotions about this whole election thing or you might care less. You may be wondering " What election?" If that is the case though, I would say you have been hiding in a cave. The election has stirred deep emotions in almost every human on this planet and not a single one of those will change a thing now. The stories that I am hearing of whites being horrible to blacks is mind boggling. I can't even imagine hating another person or race like that. I do know though that Trump becoming president did not cause that. The cruelty and evil that is being displayed was already in the hearts of those individuals way before Trump even decided to run for president and probably even before Obama was in office.
I admit, I am a privilege white lady living in the privilege country of America but guess what? Every single one of you who live in the USA are also privileged men and women. I don't get involved in politics and even fasted Facebook the month before the election so I am sure I missed some important information but I am confused as to where this over whelming fear is coming from with Africn Americans. Excuse me, but when did you forget that God is in control? The moment Trump won? It seems to me that the enemy of this world has us exactly where he wants us.....angry, bitter, hurt, scared, and fighting against one another.

 If you as a white person hate blacks then I suggest you move  to a place where they do not live. Oh ya, that's right, you can't because God loves them and continues to create amazing people of all cultures and colors and we are ALL equal. If he thought whites were the jam then there has been plenty of generations to wipe out any race but that is not happening and will never happen. God did not make a mistake when he created blacks. He didn't mess up when he created Asians or any other race. He perfectly created each and every person, no matter their skin color. If you only see mean black people then you need to expand your sphere of people you hang out with bc one or two or 100 mean black people do not determind an entire race.

If you are black and have fear then I suggest you cry out to God or find someone who will cry out for you if you have no relationship with Jesus. I then suggest you ask them how to get a relationship with Jesus and do it quickly. It is the only way you will get peace in your life. If the only white people  you are in contact with are spitting curse words at you please don't give up on the whole white race. There are some good ones out there.

Trump winning the election may be a shock to you but it isn't to God. He allowed it to happen just like he has allowed Obama to be in that seat and the leaders before him. If you know that bible story of King Nebuchadnezzar you know that he was not a great leader. He killed men because of different opinions and forced everyone to serve a god he chose. Daniel was an average man who prayed to God in all situations and he was raised up and made a difference. He didn't rebel in angry, he didn't lash out in hate, and he didn't hide in fear. He prayed for his people and for his leader and God used him.

You want to change who the president is....pray for the heart of Trump to be changed and you will find that at the end of this four years you will have a different president. Pray for righteous people  to be placed around him just like Daniel became the King's right hand man.  God has a plan so don't you dare ignore it because you fear, your hate, your rejection you feel towards all your so called friends who voted  different than you, gets in the way of what God wants to do though you.
Be the color of  your skin to the best ability you can be by showing love, kindness, and most importantly forgiveness.