Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Speak to my eyes.

I have 30 % hearing loss in both of my ears and so it makes hearing my kids talk to me from across the house sometimes difficult. I hear them yell for me and I answer to acknowledge I heard but everything past that is a jumbled mess of words. I yell back to them "come see my face" 
I even said the other day "come talk to my eyes, they hear better then my ears ". My husband said that sounded so odd but it is true. I am not a fan of phone calls because being in someone presence is so much better then just hearing words. You are able to see the person body language and even read their lips to help get the full picture of what that person is saying. 

Today during my morning bible time I was reading Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding" 
I was praying and asking God to help me not be at a place that I assume I am trusting him, show me areas that I need to grow in. I then asked for wisdoms on raising my babies to always seek His face. 
I immediately thought about the saying that I wrote above....that I always tell me kids. Come see my face. I thought about how for me it is because I can't hear you. I thought about how, of course, God can  hear us so seeking His face is not for him....it is for us. When we seek his face it does a huge thing...it puts us into His presence. When we seek the Lord's face it prevents us from just yelling out our request hoping that someone heard them, or throwing out a wish and never seeing if the answer was yes. When we seek God's face we get close to him, we learn his body language, we learn his mannerism, we hear his heart and we are BLESSED by it. 

So if you have been throwing out prayer request in a drive by prayer session know that God still hears them and can fully answer them but you are missing out on so much. God wants to 'have coffee' with you, he wants to hear about your day, he wants to hear the cries of your heart, he wants to hear the funny stories that happen today. He already knows the stories but God loves you so much and enjoys being with you. 
So take some time and -Seek his face- you won't regret it.