Friday, September 30, 2016

Gideon, laziness, and social media

3 topics all different, all connected. At the end is the month goal for me

Gideon is a man in the bible who's story is recording in Judges. He was a guy who was hiding in fear when an angel spoke to him.

At our church we are doing a women's fall bible study and this one is by Priscilla Shirer and the topic is Gideon.

I am not sure I have really read Gideon's story before this study. It is only 3 chapters, it should be easy to read, but some how I have not studied it until now.

I love how it tells us Gideon was afraid and God still spoke to him. I think so many times people think they have to have their junk in order to be called by God but this story proves that theory wrong.

Laziness is kind of my game here. I am sitting in bed on a friday night and it is not even 9:30. I have no plans to get up and no plans to get my bible to write out the exact scripture for this story. I apologize ahead of time and encourage you to read it for yourself...I mean it is only 3 chapters...

This week's study has been about God narrowing down the many to get to the few. Gideon is called to lead a battle and he sounds a horn (trumpet..something....go read it and let me know) to call the men. 32,000 men show up ready for battle. God says that is too many men and the group gets narrowed down simply by telling those that were scared to go home. 22,000 men scattered. That left Gideon with just 10,000 men. The first number was too low to win the battle but now this number...this was just ridiculous. Then God goes and does the crazy, he tells Gideon that it is still too many men and the group again gets narrowed down to a measley number of 300. This it was just unheard was just one could win a battle with just 300 men...This was exactly God's point and it leads me to my last word.

Social media is a huge thing in so many lives, mine included. With Gideon God was showing him that something that seemed 100% impossible to do was actually possible with God's help. Even though the first number of 32,000 men it would be hard to win a war but they could take credit if they won. With 10,000 men the battle would be next to impossible to win but they could get victory and take credit. With just 300 men it would be impossible, standing in a pile of poo impossible, surrounding by thousands of bullies who are about to crush you impossible and so when they win there would be NO WAY they could take credit and God would get all the glory.

So many times in our lives we take credit b/c of our plenty..b/c of our 32,000 and we dont give the glory to God. Many times God is wanting us to decrease the things we have so that he can get the victory, so he can increase in our lives. Sadly we silently scream NO to God's increasing simply because we hold onto the plenty in our lives. Surely God doesn't want me to have less money by taking this other job. How else will I be able to bless others? Surely God doesn't want me to say no to people asking for help, I mean hasn't he called me to serve?

When we hold onto the abundance we can easily fall into the trap of not giving God glory for victory he deserves. Even if we give God glory, others can take it from him in their own heart. When we win battles in our lives that could happen no other way then a God miracle then no one can take that away even if it is the crazy impossible.

So with the study this week and through prayer I asked my self what is my 32,000 that God is trying to trim down?
Social Media came to mind and I was like ahhhh no, not that. I know God has called me to teach and speak the Word of God. Social media is a strategic way to make friends and keep in contact. See the problem with that is I can totally take credit and God gets nothing. So starting tomorrow, for 30 days, I am cutting WAY back on things and when I still get to teach God gets the credit..not me.
I will be posting on my blog as my outlet and linking it to my facebook page. I will log in twice a week to check my actual facebook page since I have my photography page and life group pages to check.

Are there some things in your life that you, in your abundance, are taking credit for when really the victory goes to God? Maybe he is asking you to narrow it down from 32,000 to 300.

Until next time.....I will leave you with this awesomeness.