Saturday, July 9, 2016

What's in your pantry?

I have a very well stocked pantry, 2 freezers, and my full fridge, yet, I still go shopping and spend hundreds of dollars on grocerys. So today I decided to trim that down some and save a penny. I went shopping in my pantry. 
I knew in my fridge was left over hamburger patties from dinner 2 nights ago. Most leftover meals are made into new creations so my family doesn't usually realize it is even leftovers, tonight was no exception. 
I took the left over patties and chopped them into bite size pieces. The patties were full of flavor bc they were made with  grass fed beef, turkey meat, and sausage. 

I then chopped some onions, bellpeppers and jalapeños I had frozen, and sautéed them for about 10 mins. I added salt, rosemary, and fresh basil. 
I grabbed a can of diced tomatoes, chicken broth, and Italian herb spaghetti sauce (I am not sure how long it had been in there) and added them to the sautéed veggie mixture. 
I let this summer and reduce down for prob 30-45 mins. 
During my free time I watched House hunters, called my sister so someone could feel sorry for me since I am not feeling well, and got water boiling for the pasta. I grabbed what ever pasta I had on hand and today chose some gluten free kind that basically rocks in the lack of gluten dept. 

Once the sauce was super reduced I added the chopped up hamburger patties. 

The meat did not need to be cooked of course, so I just heated it up and then yelled at the top of my lungs for everyone to wash their hands and get their booties to the table. 😉
Dinner was served, everyone enjoyed it and I was super pleased with my made up- thrown together- tomato sauce. 
This was a great meal and the best thing about it was I didn't spend any extra money, I shopped right out of my pantry 

What do your have in your pantry that you can make a meal with? Hashtag it 
#pantrymademeals on Instagram I would love to see what you came up with!