Monday, January 28, 2013

The Real Lion King

In the African plain I was born and raised.

I was Mufasa's first born son, so learning to be king was how I spent my day's.

Nala is my BFF and Zazu is my watch bird. There is my uncle with the evil plan who tries to
steal my dad's loyal herd.

I was told it is my fault that my dad went away. Uncle Scar told me to leave, get out, you cannot stay!

So I go and meet some new friends and years go by. Than Nala shows up and she did not come to say hi.

After a fight- where she wins- we go back to Pride Rock. I am now taking over- " Uncle Scar this has got to stop!"

A battle breaks out , it is the hyenas verses the big cats. When it is over my place on the throne I have back.

 charlene turney feb2 2011.(poem for a project for kori's class last year.