Friday, February 1, 2013

A poem about being taken.


Online chatting was not enough - I wanted to meet him face to face.
He said come alone and tell no one - I know the perfect place.
Joy was erased as the knowing set in
I was being taken without permission and my family I might never see again
Gagged and put in hidden with others my age
All with fear in our eyes mixed with shame and rage
Without being told I knew what the plan had to be
I have heard the stories, I even did the city walk but never thought this could be me.
My innocence was stolen and lessons beyond my age where replaced
As time went on the hope of going home was slowly being erased
We are always on the move so the leaders won't get caught
People on the outside think they know the truth but a war is barely being fought.
This is bigger than all of us, the evil is so deep it seems to win.
But there are lessons from my childhood that tell me how to defeat sin.
You say you want to help, you want to free us from being a slave
There is only one way that undeniably will work and that is to pray.
Pray for their hearts and for me and my friends
Pray for freedom for both and the child trafficking to end.
When we work together as one praying for the same thing
The Truth will set us free as Jesus Christ again will reign

-by Charlene turney 2012

pictures taken by me - charlene turney at Twin-Imaging Photography. My daughter was the model for the pictures.