Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creative 3rd child does a horse day.

My kori is amazing at coming up with fun ideas. Last year she came up with a full on carnival for the whole family to do outside. She had games and prizes. It really was lots of fun. We were a bit surprised at this b/c was made a 9yr old. But she did awesome. She had bean bag toss into laundry basket. She had ring toss, pinata, and even treasure hunts to just name a few things she had planned. Here is a link to see those pictures

This time she came up with the idea for Horse Day. The little ones had a great time. She once again came up with really great games. Here are some pictures from her special day.

She gathered all of her horses and made signs for each game.
She had them hiding, she had them everywhere. She had treats for the siblings when they won and she even had a movie to watch to top it all off. Benji. Not a horse movie but still a good one.
All in all it was a fun day. The little ones had fun.
They had so much fun that they even tried to do their own day.....coloring didn't go so well. Maybe next time :)
I love that each of my children are so different. Kori may not want to play any sports. She may not like to wear or try anything new. She may aggravate her siblings on purpose. All of that is ok b/c she is who God made her and whatever she does in life she will bring such a creative spirit to it that it will be amazing.