Friday, February 1, 2013

Same last name

The Birthday girl and the owners of the home hosting the party.

Rae and her sister Donna
Rae and Mark (her husband)
Let me give you some back ground on how I met my friend. 15 yrs ago I was going to a church and someone introduced us. I was preg with my first (of 5) children and we lived near each other. We would go on walks together and just talk. The neat thing was that we had the same last name. My maiden name was Cowart and her married name was Cowart but no relation. This was a cause for us to be fast friends just for that random neatness. Well time goes by, we both move and loss contact. 12 long years go by and I am at chick fi lay with my oldest daughter. She had just gotten her braces on and we were there for lunch and to get Gabi a shake. This woman comes up to me and ask if my name was Charlene...I did not recognize her fully and thought it odd that she knew my name. She said we met years ago, and said my name is Rae Cowart. I immediately knew who she was and it was so great to see her and catch up. Well here it is almost 2 yrs later and we are now great friends and she is turning 40. Her birthday was yesterday and the party was tonight. I took my camera so I could get a few pictures of her night and the friends who came. I know her husband does photography also but figured he might be a tab busy hosting the night to worry about taking pictures to.  Here are the pictures of Rae and her friends.

                  We had some people that this was the closest we could get out of a normal picture
We even got a few photo bombs in there.
Happy Birthday to my "cousin" I am sure somewhere long ago we were related. I love you!! Happy Birthday Rae of Sunshine.