Thursday, October 25, 2012

 Oct 13 I had lots of fun doing the Franklin Photowalk. This is the 5th yr for it to happen and it is all over the world. You can host one in your area if there is not one yet.
Franklin Tn was founded in 1799 by Abram Maury, Jr. He named it after Benjamin Franklin a close friend of Dr. Hugh Williamson , a member of the Continental Congress  after whom Williamson County was named.
This city has such cute little places to shop and eat. You could go make a full day of hanging out there. 
Here are a few of my shots from that day.
There were soo many antique shops along the walk and the outer areas that I am thinking I need to go back just to shop. Love this one of the old baskets and mums in there.
This shot was done with my 105 macro. I call it small reflections because you can see me in the water droplet. I turned this one in as my "hopefully" winning shot.
fall has most definitely hit Franklin
golden color
sweetheart door
gotta love the ol' fire hydrant picture. One man on the walk said that on google plus there is such a thing as fire hydrant day, where the only pictures that get posted are those of fire hydrants. Some people are so schooled on them they can tell you all the details from a picture. To me this is just a cool one that seems to be a bit confused on its color. I might post more pictures in another blog.