Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sacrificing their life to save others...

12 yrs ago today...the moment is etched in my mind for ever. It is for anyone who was old enough to comprehend what was happening. My first son was just 6 mths old, he sister was 3.5. My husband and I set there in shock and watched the scenes playing over and over. We were filled with sorrow and yet also with pride as we watched America come together to help one another. There were so many stories of heros that sacrificed their own life to save another.
  Tonight at church we talked about some of those stories. We talked about how we honor those that were lost in the tragic event and that got me thinking. Those people are heros and everyone rightfully agrees that they should be honored and remember.

But what about the man that died for all of mankind? Do we honor him? Do we remember him? He was and is a hero, he gave up his life so we could live. Everyone agrees about honoring the 911 heros, so why is it so hard to honor the Hero for all the world? I will tell you what I think is the difference. For September 11, 2001 there was an actual event, a real war going on that people could see with their eyes. Real stories of people that were in the fire and saved b/c a real person pulled them out. The big difference is that most people do not see that they are in a falling world, you could see the falling building, but many can't see this falling world. We are all in need of being pulled from the fire and Jesus did just that. He came to our tragic situation, he came to our trapped, cant get out, no where to go, situation and he pulled us out and took all the weight upon himself and died...for us...for me...for you. How about instead of just the first picture where we never forget the amazing men and women who gave their lives so we could live,we also do this, remember Jesus, who gave up his life so we could live- eternally. (all images saved from Internet, no personal ownership to them)