Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thoughts for Tuesday : post 1 needing others around you to help set the pace

A while back I was driving at night to pick Gabi up from church. I was happily driving with hardly any other people on the road. After some time a car passed me going very fast...or so it seemed. I checked my speed only to find I was going 7 miles below the speed limit.
I ,of course, quickened my speed to "catch up" to the normal range.  I found this humorous and quickly thought of how this anology apples to our actual lives. When we go though life it is important to be aware of who we are spending time with. We seem to naturally fall into a pace of those around us. For me, I personally applied this to my walk with God. For others it could be applied to their jobs or talents. If we are spending most of our time with someone who is not where we want to be then we may need to reevaluate the amount of time we spend with them. 
I am not saying to chuck all your friends out the window who aren't making the income you want to make or drive the car you want to drive. I am saying that if they are lazy and maybe have the "I couldn't give a crap" attitude then maybe spend less time with them. 
If you are wanting to grow deeper in your walk with God and you are spending a huge portion of time with people who are comfortable where they are then remember you will naturally fall into a  pace that the majority of the group is going. If you want to change your pace then pray about changing your majority. 
Seek out friends, leaders, and people to guide you.. who are where you want to be. 
When left on our own we tend to do like I did driving.....feel like you were right on track only to find out you were off when someone sipped passed you. 
Having a group you are part of keeps you accountable and helps you stay at a safe pace that allows you to grow and move forward.