Monday, February 29, 2016

Start the count down.

The 21 days until I wake up with a new back. 
To say I am having to pray about a ton of things is an understatement. 

I am not nervous about the actual surgery per-say, I am more nervous that it will be for nothing. I do not want to go through it all only to have pain years from now. 

I also think a big challenge for me will be the resting after. I have been going non-stop for 18 years and to come to a screeching halt seems impossible. 
I have pushed through so much pain for years that to teach my self not to push through this too fast is going to take some leaning on the Lord. 

I have terrible sitting and standing habits and I know ALL of that needs to change to heal properly. I need major prayer in this area because almost 40 years of habits can be hard to break. 

My house. My family. Where do I even start? My kids are often saying that they have to do so many chores and yet they have no idea everything that I do to help them with their measly chores. They will soon find out. I want and I am praying for peace in my home during the next two months. 
I want accomplish a list before hand that is a mile long yet sometime this kind of thing puts me in bed rest to help the back. I am praying for an efficient pace to  finish strong without hurt. 

I love to serve and find it very hard to accept help in return. 
I will have to accept help. I may even have to ask for help. Lord help me. 

I will be writing more to document my thoughts thought out the month as the date gets closer. 
Please say a prayer as you think of my family.