Sunday, December 18, 2016

Raising kids to win in life.

Here in Tn it is in the 20's today and this southern Alabama girl does not like the cold. So when my son asked to go play in the snow dusting before church I responding with a quick no.
There was very little push back as I walked away thinking "why in the world would anyone want to play in that?" He showed me his toy he wanted to use in the "snow" and I thought about it. I don't wont to get in the cold but he doesn't care, so why am I raising him based on my likes and dislikes.
I know my kids will go outside in thin pj pants and a light jacket and I am freezing just looking at them. Each year we argue about the perfect amount of clothes to wear to make playing outside even worth my mind.
I recently read that as parents we should let our kids make the decision to wear the full on winter clothes or the t-shirt and shorts. We, as their parents just need to make sure they have the warm options available to them. Once a child gets past the baby stage they are usually able to regulate their body temperatures and when they are cold they will fix it and get out of the cold or dress appropriately . I decided since we are going to the late service at church that he had plenty of time to play, freeze his butt off if he so chooses, come inside and warm up, and even change and get ready in time for church. I gave him suggestions on what to wear and helped pull it out of the closets where he chose his final attire. I was very pleased with his choice.

What I am learning is that not everything has to be a struggle, things that I like or don't like are just that ...mine.

As their parents I :

raise them in the best way I know how

I daily ask God for wisdom on what He wants me to do with these sweet babies

* I answer after I have thought it through and not off an emotion.

I am willing to change my mind and apologize to them if needed.

I treat these little people with respect because how else will they learn to treat others that way if not shown at home..

*I trust that God is God and that he cares about my crew more than I do and he speaks to their hearts in a much deeper way than I ever could.

*I pray that they hear God speaking to their hearts.

Being a parent is the most______

-fill in the is the most of every single emotion and job you have ever had.
Life is all about battles, you pick and choose what you want to teach your kids and sometimes it feels like a battle in the teaching process.
Today this was hardly a battle because I feel like we both won and really isn't that the goal, for us to be the leaders of our kids but they still feel like they have victories and have a say in what goes on in their life.