Saturday, December 17, 2016

Poem: Race unknown - heart the same.

*Race  unknown - heart the same*

Stories on the news causing thoughts to swim in my head.
Another life is gone and it's he said she said

It's this war of the race with no way to win
Each fighting for a cause unsure of how it will end.

The color of my skin should not change the words in your mind
It shouldn't make you clutch your purse or to treat me unkind.

My skin is no different then the crayons in a box
It is simply one color but it screams louder then my walk.

I am judged for a path that I did not create
and I am born into a time still drowning in hate.

I want to make a difference but I am confused on where to stand
Can I show love and forgiveness while still supporting my neighboring man?

The issue is not with authority or any type of race.
The issues is with man's heart and the hurt it has faced.

Every death that goes down another brick gets put in place.
I now have a wall so high leaving very little space...

Space to forgive and space to heal,
Space in my heart so I can continue to feel.

I want to celebrate this life with my fellow man and
no matter the race walk with them hand in hand.

-written by Charlene Turney. August 31,2016