Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is this the end?

Thousands of words.
100's of pictures. 
A ton of thoughts. 
48 post. 
Just one voice-putting all I have out there. 

The summer is done for us. School starts tomorrow and I started off the summer wanting to write a blog every day about being thankful. I have written about my family, my alarms, comfy beds, a pregnancy loss and another loss, this time Cadens twin. I wrote about being diagnosed with MS, free vacations, each of my children, cooking new meals, and how Jerry and I met. I wrote anologies about God's love for us and how the enemy will put things in our path to slow us down. I even wrote about our travels and spending time with great friends. 

I am so thankful for this summer of the thankful blog. It has caused me to daily look at my surroundings and be thankful. It has caused me to think more of how my words have power and words are not all created eaqually. 

The summer is finished so essentially the blog could be finished. But, we will make  this  the end of the summer of thankfulness blog and the start of just normal. I enjoy writing and some people have said that they enjoy reading my blog. The habit has been formed and that was a goal with the daily writing. 
Thank you to those that have read and those that commented. It has meant a lot. 
Tomorrow we go back to our school normal and we have high hopes of getting better organized. I might even post some tips on how the heck we figure that out. 
So until then you can enjoy post of life as the Turneys know it and see how we navigate 5 kids, being full time ministers, having a cornhole business, photography business, Advocare business, and even Real Estate. We are crazy busy but we love each other and have learned a few tips along the way. 
This blog will continue being a record of my story.