Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pick a day and just start.

I love new beginnings. 
I need new beginnings. 
Tomorrow starts the -back on track- food beginning. 
Any time I make a change I have to pick a day and just start. 
In 2010 when I started to train for the half marathon I picked a day and started. 
When I juiced for 10 full days, to help heal my body from a messed up gallbladder, I picked a day, went shopping, and just started. 
Today I have picked a day and will start. 

Jerry and I both want to detox from our traveling and I am dealing with some eczema on my arm that I am pretty sure can be healed by cleaning up my eating. 

Last year with it being my first year for everyone to be in school I felt for sure I would have tons of time to get to the gym. I just knew that this was the year to get in shape and that by my 38 bday I would be looking #greatby38. 
Boy was I wrong....time slips away with a blink of the eye and I went to the gym a handful of time. I did not hit my goal with even the slightest tap. 

This week the kids go back to school and I will again have all this free time to hit the gym. 
Ok. That is a lie. 
I will try to make time to go to the gym.
 I will however exercise at home. 
Yesterday at Aldi's I spent $10 on this bad boy. 
It is simple and it is awesome. I can do this while I watch tv or in-between cooking. I can set a time goal and the best thing is it is easy for my back. 

It was yesterday that Jerry and I picked our day to start and that gave me today to get it all set up. I went to the store and now my fridge is prepped and ready to help us win. We are adding juicing and salads into our daily food intake. I am excited to keep track of our eating and see how it effects our health. 
I am curious how long it will take for my eczema to heal up. 

Starting something new can be a challenge. It can take some time to get all your ducks in a row. You may need to map out and organize a plan before you start. No matter how you have to do it, just do it.

What is something you want to change in your life? 

Take the time, pick a day and just start. 

The Turneys are ready for tomorrow. We are in charge of our health and we are worth it. 

You are worth the change that you want to happen. If you feel like it is out of your hands then your change could simply be praying for God to be in control and then immediately thanking God for being in control. 

You can do this. While you have breath in your lungs and your heart is still beating you have time to change.

  Be a better you!