Monday, August 24, 2015

It is finished.

How many times do we get to say it is finished? Or do we usually say I quit or I am moving on, it isn't for me...
I have many unfinished projects around the house and ideas that never get put into action. I have thoughts and sentences that never get finished and dinner plates half eaten. I have papers sorted but have yet to be filed and laundry yet to be put away. I even have raised garden beds already purchased but still waiting to be put together. There is also a pile of fabric to be sewn and canvas to be painted. 
I believe we get so busy that even though we start out with good intentions we end up having to drop something because we are over booked. 
I am super great at starting lots of things but I don't usually get to see the finished product. Some of  this is just life and others are because of time management on my part. 

The thing I actually did finish is simple but it means so much to me. 

I LOVE everything about new journals, pens, and office supplies in general. The problem with that is i have a handful of half used journals....all of them amazing. 
I have one for my personal bible time and another one for my church bible time. 

Of course I would, I love journals. 

This summer while traveling I took only one of those with me and when we got back in town I misplaced the other one. 
I decided to go all crazy and just finish out the one journal. *gasp

With school starting back up I have been getting up early and daily writing in my journal. I have prayers in it, scriptures in it, ideas for skits written out, and just plain old doodling in it. Yesterday I fully finished out the journal. I used 100% of the pages. Front to back is filled to the brim and I love it! I am proud of my self for finishing strong. 
It is along the lines of setting a small goal like my exercising 7 times this month. I wanted to finish out this book and I did. 
I happily have many other journals to choose from and finishes those out ( one of them being my new Spider-Man journal) 
Today I started a new -old- journal. There will be many prayers in there and possibly some skits that might one day get used. The bigger picture with this is that I finished something. The bigger picture is what goes in the journals. The bigger picture is the lessons learned and lessons taught from these notes. 
It may just be a journal but it is something that years from now my kids and grandkids will be able to pick up to read and truly see the heart of who I was.