Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thoughts for Tuesday. Post 3. tools to stay sharp

Awhile back I bought some lip liner that was perfectly sharpened. It worked as it was meant to for a long time. When it got dull I realized I had no idea if I had the tools to sharpen it again.

I thought about how we do this with things in our lives. We get something new and we go all awesomeness and have happy thoughts while it works perfectly. Once all the newness is gone we stop using it. 
I thought about how people go to a conference or a church service and they learn about Jesus. They get full of excitement and awesomeness and happy thoughts. That last for some time and then things get dull and it gets set aside. 
Just like my make up, we need tools in our lives to keep things sharp.

 For a walk with God we need a daily walk with him to stay sharp. We need to talk to him, read his word, and be part of a church that teaches His Word. We need to be part of a small group that allows us to be real, to talk when we hurt, and to ask for help when we fall. 
Don't get something new and forget to get the tools to keep it going. Find the tools you need and use them. Ask for help if you have no idea how to activate the tools because having tools and not using them is just as bad as not getting the tools in the first place.