Friday, November 13, 2015

Thoughts for Tuesday. Post 5.

Comparing. Why do we do it? 
It's funny, we do this when their story looks just like ours and we do it if their story looks nothing like ours. We look at their path, their adventures and look at ours and compare. 
There is such a fine line between this being something that helps you grow and something that stops you in your tracks. 

Having people that you look up to is great. If their life causes you to strive to be a better parent or spouse or even a better person then looking at their life can be good. 
If looking at someone's life causing you to get bitter at your lack or angry at your spouse bc of their lack or even angry at life because they are doing "nothing" and getting everything better then you..then that type of looking (comparing) is very bad. 

A week or so ago Jerry and I had to go pick up our van from the shop. We left our house at the same time, got on the same road, and headed to the same location. 
We drive totally different so by time I got there he was already parked and inside talking to the person to get the van. 
I thought about how all the bullet points would have looked the same on paper. 

*leave house at 11:00
* drive I-440 to I -65 to cool springs. 
*arrive at tire store  

Our goals and agenda looked the same but the details were very different. We drive at different speeds and we get stuck or by pass different obstacles. 

We can never compare our personal path, goals, or agendas to someone else's bullet matter how much they look like our own. 
Each person is so individual which makes your path be so individual. 

Enjoy your path. Enjoy the speed you are at. Don't get so focused on looking at their "driving" that you aren't seeing what's in front of you.