Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thoughts for Tuesday. Post 4 shadows are not the real thing

This is Wednesday. I am aware of this but I am going to pull the sick card for this one. We are battling a virus and strep throat that is lasting about 1 week per person. No fun.

Anyway back to my Thoughts for Tuesday....on Wednesday. 
Awhile ago I was driving on the interstate and this HUGE shadow goes over the whole road. The shadow was from a plane but it was so large it felt like the plane was just mere feet above the ground. I looked up and saw it was where it should be, thousands of feet in the sky. It had simple been placed at such an angle that the shadow seemed larger then it was. 
It got me thinking about how the enemy does that in our lives or maybe even a bully at school or an abuser. Their position in our lives, either by our placement of them or their doing, can be angled in such a way that it seems huge, overpowering, and even scarey. 
If you have things in your life that cast a big shadow over you maybe you need to pause and see what is causing the shadow. Many times you will find that the object itself isn't really all that big or scarey. 
If it is a bully or abuser causing the shadow then remember that you are worth the fight it takes to remove it. Shadows do one thing, they block the light. Make sure that you are taking the effort to re-angle your self or the object to remove the shadow. 

This picture was taking a year or so ago and is a great example of things looking different then they actually are. This is my daughter with a book bag on. She just happen to be standing funny but it looks like a large roach or some bug. Shadows are simple a distorted view of something. Do not get blinded by the false image of something.