Saturday, October 1, 2016

17 times.

17 is at least the number of times that I thought about going to facebook, instagram, or snapchat today. I actually thought it would be closer to 400 17 is great. Any time I step back from something it always surprises me how much it comes to the forefront of my mind, how much I thought about it, and how much of a habit it is. This time does not prove to be any different. It was through prayer and the desire to find a balance in my life that I decided to change things up a bit. Some people say I have giving myself too many loop holes by still allowing some media time. But the goal is not about cheating and sneaking social media in, the goal is to find peace, put God first, and minimize things in my life. I have peace about this decision and that is part of the goal.

I talk big talk about wanting my family to get rid of games and tv, yet when I ask myself, am I ready to do that, I dont have a clear answer. I figured I need to start with me and let it bleed into their lives later.

I am not posting on Instagram so I figured I would post pictures of our day here on the blog.

Fall weather is starting to show it's face and the little ones are enjoying playing outside. They made a map and searched for all kinds of treasures and monsters. In our garden we have some old kitchen things for them to play with and they enjoyed making some pretend nature salads.
 Ava and Kori are my chefs in the making and even outside Ava is mixing and stirring up ideas.

Caden found some berriers (yes, they would told not to eat any of the "food") and those got used for all kinds of meals.
Today around lunch time we headed out to Centennial Park for the Celebrate Nashville festival. There were tons of people, venders, and great food places to try. 

Our kids have got it so easy, yet they complained about the tiniest things. They were hungry, they dont want that food, they are hot, they are cold, they have to pee (oh wait, maybe that was me) they want to buy this, their feet hurt, and the list repeats.
How many times do we do that with God. He brings us to a place in our day, our life, our walk and wants to bless us and we just complain.

He gives us a job, we complain about the pay, the co-workers, the hours, or the distance.

He gives us an apartment, we complain that it is not a house, the neighbors are loud, the rent it so high, or it's not big enough.

He gives us a house, we complain about the yard work, the house payment, the maintenance, the broken toilet, or the H.O.A fees.

He gives us a spouse, we complain about their clothes on the floor, their bad habits, their snoring, their inability to read your mind, or all the things you used to love that you now cant stand..for one more minute.

What if we just took a moment and paused? What would we notice? How would our attitude change?

What if my kids paused for a moment and took in their surroundings today? What if they accepted the idea that this is a chance to learn about other cultures, that this is a huge part of daddy's job When he talks to someone for 20 mins it is purposefully about making friendships and future connections, which could lead to that person learning about the loving Jesus.

I am a very -in the moment- kind of gal so I dont have much trouble being thankful for the moments I am in. But what if I looked at each day as little pockets of God planning out fun filled days for me to see new things and meet new friends? I think if I did that, it would change my attitude on a few things.

How do you see each day? How can you get better at being in the moment and being thankful for the days God plans out for you?

I will leave you with this pic from the fair last week. Caden, my sweet Asian boy, who is wearing the same shirt today as he was in this picture. This mama might need to do the laundry more or go buy some more clothes. :)