Monday, October 24, 2016

When did we give up?

Every year most people start out with goals for their lives. We make big plans to get things back on track and do things better. Many people reevaluate their lives at the start of a new season and even the start of each month or week. We all have big dreams of doing more and doing it better than the year before. So, I ask the question, When did we give up?  Why did we quit?
For so many people this thing called LIFE gets in the way. That pesky little thing, it does that from time to time.
How many of you set a goal to work out more? What about the goal of spending more time with family and friends? Did you set a goal to eat better, make more money, be happier, travel more, read your bible and pray more?
How is that going for you? We are almost done with this year and for so many of us we are back in the same loop as the year before. The same habits that we have done year after year after year we are doing now and our dreams, our goals, are a major thing of the past.
 Maybe you know this and can skip this part but maybe you don't know are worth it, you are strong enough to change, and you matter. No matter how crappy you feel b/c another day went by and you didn't do your to-list and no matter how defeated you feel b/c someone keeps telling you that you are a waste, you are worthless, you need to know that it is a lie. You might have even laughed at that but it is true. If you feel anything less than valuable, worthy, amazing, and wanted, than you are believing a lie.
You set goals and have dreams b/c you want more for your life and everything in the entire world will feel like it gets in the way to keep you from those dreams coming true but keep at it. Don't stop my friend. A baby step in the right direction is better then sitting on your butt moving in no direction. 

My youngest parked her self on the sidewalk the other day and was done walking. She was mad about something and tired from the long day and was done. She was not going to walk another step. But, just like life does with us, I kept on moving leaving her behind. She eventually got up bc the idea of staying there all alone was not something she wanted to try out.
How many of you stay there though? How many of you get tired from the long day, the long season? You get mad about how things are going or maybe hurt or scared and you just want to give up, you are done. Life keeps moving though and you have let your emotions stop you in your tracks.
It is ok to pause for a moment to catch your breath, to get your barrens, but DO NOT STOP!

This fall break we went to Gatlingburg and did the hike Cling man's dome. Once again, this little lady, the smallest of the crew, did not have the strength to hike up this huge hill in one swift walk. Many people around her were giving it their all and reaching their goal way before her. We all had the same goal, get to the top, but for all of us it looked different. Caden, kori, and my self got to the top with little trouble but Ava had to make many, many stops along her journey. The key to her victory is that she DID NOT STOP.

She made big strides and rested, she made little strides and rested. She stopped all together and had to get motivated  by her peers (aka daddy and siblings) and she got back up again and took baby steps. She kept moving and rested when needed but finished her goal.
What are some goals or dreams that you have set to the side that need to be picked back up again?
Did you want to exercise more, eat better, have coffee dates with more friends, read more books, or just rest more? If setting a huge goal is not working it is ok to set baby goals and hit those. If you are not exercising at all than set a goal of 3 times in a is better then nothing. If you goal is to eat better and you eat out every meal then pick once a mth to plan, prepare, and cook a meal at home.
You can do this with any goal you have. Give yourself the chance to have some victories and don't you dare tell your self that you cant do it. Even if you believe you will fail, don't tell your self that. We all get concerned about what others will think of us but really the opinion that speaks the loudest is our own thoughts. Tell your self you can do it, even if you failed. Get up and keep walking bc you are worth it.