Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Clingman's Dome and views worth any hike.

Today we got a late start and changed our mind a few times on what we wanted to do with our day. We settled on Clingman's Dome because it was closer than other options.
We drove up the mountain and the temperature dropped 20* Say what??? It felt awesome though.
I took lots of pictures with my phone and real camera and will post the best of both.
The hike to the top was 1/2 a mile and a super steep incline. Caden and I got to the top first. I was pretty happy with myself.

When I pause and think about the fact that I had major back surgery 6.5 mths ago and went a few weeks with some paralysis in my foot and severe nerve pain for mths and now I am hiking up mountains....I am blessed and feeling so much stronger.

Here are pictures from today. Since I am breaking from posting so much on facebook and instagram I am using this blog as a place to write about our day and post the pictures.
I am so happy we did this vacation this week during the kids fall break. Yes, the kids complained but all in all everyone had fun together and made memories.

This morning started out great with late sleep ins, worship music playing while breakfast was being cooked and the littles did their devotionals.
We then packed up and headed out. The drive was so beautiful and we wanted to stop at every single pull over spot..but we didn't.
Here is our day in pics.
Miss ava did not feel so well after the curvy drive.

 My boys....being boys..
 Lots of names signed to mark their place in time.

You would never know by this picture of me and Gabi that she didnt want to take a picture with her mama...on top of the mountain...
 After our mountain adventure we headed back down and went straight to Pancake pantry. We got there 7 mins before they closed. 
Ava some how managed to eat her chocolate chip pancake without going through the edges. 
We then walked around and looked for a cost efficient place to play with our large family. 
We settled on Treasure island putt putt golf. 
Girls against boys....boys won.
                                                      Winner Winner chicken dinner!!