Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Healing for your pain. (Poem)

Healing for your pain. 

I am drowning in hurt with gulps of relief just to survive. 
Getting help and healing is hard and I have no desire to be alive. 

What IS THE POINT to keep moving if each step causes pain?
And I am lost in a crowd where no one remembers my name. 

"I am fine" is the answer we all give, as we pass by,
But I need someone to take that extra step past just saying hi. 

I have no visible scars and the rejection you cannot see,
But I am dying inside because the infection is deep. 

This friend keeps inviting me to their small group again and again,
But I don't know how to say yes for fear they will see deep within. 

I finally say "I'll go" to something that won't expose my heart. 
Who knew that at a game night my healing would start. 

Conversations were passed around and testimonies I heard. 
I saw joy and freedom being traced back to the Word. 

What was in this book and Who is the man? 
I learned of a gift where death was part of the plan. 

It tells me God's son is Jesus and his blood was shed,
And by accepting this Truth, our old ways are dead. 

We can be New and Holy and Clean in His eyes  
Our sins are forgiven and salvation is the prize! 

I am not determined by the actions done in my past. 
I have been created for more and no longer an outcast. 

He is the Truth and the Light and His ways are Just. 
And I now have someone who has taught me how to trust. 

By Charlene Turney. March 4, 2015.