Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's for dinner?

I love cooking and I love making up new meals or tweaking ones I read about in rented books from the library. 
Monday afternoon I had some wonderful Vandy girls overnand tried a meal out with them and then used the rest for dinner that night with the family. 
This is the start of my version of a bread bowl soup. I made biscuit dough and put it in the bottom of oven safe bowls after I sprayed them with an oil. I cooked it at 425* for about 15 mins. I choose that temp only bc I was roasting veggies at that temp and just popped these in at the same time. I also just eyeballed the doneness ( made up word) of it. So check yours to see what works without burning it. 
I then took sweet potatoes and white potatoes and cooked them then added them to the blender with some milk. I roasted the butternut squash for about 20 mins at 425* I had some left over homemade chicken broth and added the now creamed potatoes to the base. It made an amazing creamy broth and then I added the butternut squash. I also had some left over chicken and cooked up a tiny bit of spicy sausage with onions and garlic and threw it all in the soup base. I seasoned it with whatever herbs I had and salt and pepper to taste and used a ladle to scoop some of the soup into each of the (now cooked) biscuits bowls. It was so yummy and a hit with all the girls and all 7 people in my family. Other then the biscuit base it was all healthy!