Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow before spring break??

Yep, another snow day here in Davisdon Co.
I feel like it may be a record but I could be in shock mode and have just forgotten all the other winters. 
It rained all day yesterday making it impossible to salt any of the roads and in the mist of the rain the temps dropped making it a mess. So we got a couple inches of rain with a couple of inches of sleet and then topped off with about 3 inches of snow. 
I think I heard on wkrn this morning that interstates coming into Tn were closed off. I would imagine that made for a pain in the butt situation for drivers who felt they could drive it. 
We knew it was going to be a snow day yesterday afternoon so the kids decided to have a camp out - inside the house. All five of them made pallets to sleep on. Gabi and the two youngest got to use the tent bc it is Gabis and well, they are the babies. When I say babies it is really only a birth thing, they are 8 and 6 but they are the tiniest so got the tent. 
It is fun to havet them all be a bit older because sibling slumber parties are almost every weekend here and there are no really tiny ones to worry about waking up. 
We did make it outside for a small moment today but it wasn't as fun as the last ice/snow storm. Our feet and hands got very cold making the playing just short of torturous. Here are some pictures of the 30 min play time ( give or take 20 mins) 

The stairs were covered and was fun to clear off 
Those of us brave enough to venture out can at least mark it off our snow day list ( the non-existing one) and say we played in it. 
Caden was exploring new territory 
And Caleb was threatened to not throw that on me. His father's suggestion was to throw it on a big Gabi. She ran. 
We found a really gross icicle hanging from our tree 
And we were done. One child was for sure they had frost bite and another could not feel those nose so we made hot chocolate and added some homemade whipped cream to top it off. The day is full and it's not even lunch time yet.