Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A summer of thankfulness

Tomorrow is a half day of school and the last one of this school year. I am already a thankful person and pretty optimistic but I thought I might challenge myself to post each day of what happened that I am thankful for. So even though I  am officially starting on Thursday I figured I would start with a little pre summer thankfulness. 
I am thankful 
-for kids that have kind hearts.
-For kids that, for the most part, do their best. 
-for a husband who is driven to do his best and provide for his family. 
-for teachers that love my kids like second parents and want them to succeed as much as I do. 
-for a free country where I can worship Jesus with everything I have...legally. 
-for the trails I have gone through like being diagnosed with M.S. and losing two pregnancy in the second trimester ( given birth to one of them) because it is through those trials that my relationship with God has grown so much and my sphere of people I can relate to is so much bigger. 
-for Gods protection of my life and my family. 
-for so many other things, the list could go on and on 
-for God sending his son to die in my place. 

I would love for others to join me on the summer of thankfulness and tell me about it as well. What are you thankful for ?