Friday, May 29, 2015

Breaking the routine

Day four and already I almost forgot to post. I am about to go to bed and I all of the sudden remembered the blog....oh crap, the blog. I should probably do that real quick. 
Here is something i am pretty sure of. 
I am pretty sure little to no one reads this. 
Because of that I will say that I am thankful for girly personals. I am not on my period at the moment but was thinking about how I can't imagine living in a time frame where pads and tampons did not exist. I am very thankful for them. How did they even survive? 
I am thankful for medicine. It helps with so many things like headaches, back aches, sickness, heart attacks, and etc. So many lives have been saved and changed because of meds. 

Today my twin and I got to go do a photoshoot together and it is always so much fun working with her. I am so thankful that about 4 years ago we decided i would  also learn. Melinda and Ginger have been amazing teaches. They have taught me the best from the start and that has been a huge blessing. 

I adore cooking and I am sooo thankful for the many different ways I can go to "school" for free. Internet, the library, tvshows, and discount bookstores have been such a huge key to my learning new tips. 
I want my kids and grandkids to know and talk about the fact that I loved God and that I loved cooking and loved serving others. I have a few mottos and one is "see a need, fill a need" I cannot ,for the life of me, understand why someone would see something broken or spilled, or fallen and not stop to help.  Each situation is different and sometimes it is not possible but usually it is. 
If everyone asked them self " how can I be a blessing today?" And we acted on that the world would have a huge change. 
Are there some things that you can do tomorrow to be a blessing to those around you? Is there anyone who went to bed tonight having a moment of thankfulness for you and what you did today? 
Let's try to step out of our comfort zone tomorrow and bless the socks off someone < and then help them find themselves because socks are sneaking Iike that and get lost >