Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a new day.


I love knowing that each moment and each morning I can choose to start over. If I have made poor decision with things like my time, eating, or even my attitude then I can always make a better choice the next moment. I can choose to do the right things at any giving minute. That is a very good thing. I am so thankful for second, third, and even fourth chances. 
Have you ever had something that you wanted to call a do over? 
Today is a great day. No do over for this. 
My twin is here today 😃. We live about 2.5 hrs away from each other so we don't get to see each other but every few months. I am thankful it is not more but pray for the day that we can live in the same town. Her daughter is my daughter's best friend and they plan out every moment they get to play together. Dinosours, and hide n go seek are on the list this time. 
am thankful for each day, the good and the bad ones. I am thankful that my family was safe through out the night and that each person woke up with breath in their lungs. We never know when it is our last and even a bad day is better then a no day. 
I love living in an area where grocery stores are all around and I can grab what I want, when I want....or when I forget that my sister is, in fact, coming up today. 😁 ( sorry sis, the day just snuck up on me) I can pop in for eggs and veggies to fit her Paleo life style. 
Four of our eight kids have been playing minecraft for the last couple of hours and you guessed it....I am thankful for that game. It has kept them contained to one area of the house instead of the normal -chasing each other inside the loop of the rooms. 
I am also so glad it is bed time. I have cleaned up part of my home. I have primed 4 corn hole boards, and then cooked dinner for 10 people. I am wiped out and so thankful for a comfy bed and kids that are going to sleep now. 😉 
Did you wake up today with a thankful heart? Was there something that you had to choose a thankful attitude about instead of a woo is me attitude?