Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow and is it a cow or horse?

Today was one of those nice unexpected snow days. I started to go to bed not even knowing it was becoming a winter wonderland outside until a friend posted about the fact that no one was saying anything about the snow. I went out side and got this shot hoping that it meant our first snow day.

The kids were so happy to wake up and not have to GET up. They stayed in bed, relaxed and watched tv in my bed.
 After breakfast the 3 youngest kids wanted to play in the snow. I had to help the baby get dressed. We took over 15 mins to find the right outfit, hat, shoes, gloves, and coat. After getting her all ready she goes outside to join the two other ones already in play. Kori ask me to get her another pair of socks b/c she was pretty sure she had lost some feeling in her toes. I am gone for about 1 min and come back to give the much needed socks and everyone is inside...including the baby. I ask her if she is all done and she is almost fully out of the outfit that we so carefully choose to keep her warm. I knew I was not a snow person but I am guessing they arent either. It should snow again on Saturday so we will see if round 2 is better.

 Around lunch time we headed out early to the grandparents house to drop off my oldest son b/c it was his weekend to visit. Which to them it means their weekend to get a free toy from the store.
On the way home we pass by some horses and my 6 yr old says "Mom look, there is a cow.....or a horse...? I ask "Which was it?" He responds with an "I dont know."  Sadly this is not the first time this has happened. About 2 yrs ago he stated the same question. I blame it on the fact that he has lived 5 of his 6 yrs in a suburb of downtown Nashville. I grew up all around cows and horse but he sees cars, bikes, and helicopters flying over to the Vanderbilt hospital. We read books but it seems to me so natural to know what certain animals are that I forget that there are some things that do need to be gone over to get. And for us that seems to be what is the difference between a cow and a horse. I guess we will work on that asap.