Monday, February 4, 2013

The war between good intentions and 10 more minutes.

Everyone has these wars and sadly many times the 10 minutes win. Just this morning I had this battle. The 10 minutes won each 4 separate 10 minute wars.We were up late like many other people b/c of the super bowl and than with friends staying after the party to talk. We were also up really late the night before just getting household projects done so that we were ready for the party. You may not know what this war looks like so here is an example. I set my alarm for 2 times. The first time is a 4am so that way when it goes off I am really happy to know that I still have one more hr to sleep. This morning though when it went off again at 5 I hit the snooze. I like to get up at 5 so that I can start my day off with some prayer and bible time. I like to throw in a cup - or two - of coffee  and than if I am really feeling awesome and have the time I will even start a load of laundry  and un-load the dishes all before getting the kids up for school. See my good intention is a great one but this is where the fight starts....just 10 more minutes. I was very tired and I thought just 10 more mins and I hit the snooze button, and than I hit it again, and again, and again. Almost a whole hour has gone by from the 10 minute battle. So now I get up, hit the button to start the coffee, check the weather, and get the kids up for school. Here it is now as I write this 2:43pm and I am leaving soon to get them from school and the dishes are still in the washer, no loads of laundry going, and definitely no Word time yet. Now those extra 40 or so minutes dont seem like much but it would have set my day off a whole different way. I am still tired, the 40 minutes was not the key to my lack of sleep. Tomorrow is another day and tomorrow I will win the battle.
Maybe you keep losing the battle between good intentions and 10 minutes. It may not be getting up early, for you it may be calling a friend  to encourage them. You may say I will call them in 10 minutes when my child is not climbing in my lap and than 4 hours later as you crawl into bed you realize you forgot to call them. There are all kinds of fights and they seem so small but maybe if we can stop for just a minute and realize that it is indeed a battle we will choose to do things different and this time win. Here is to wining and doing our good intentions.