Sunday, July 12, 2015

Boy meets girl.

Today Jerry and I got to take the kids down memory lane in Cookville TN. This is where we met and got married in 1996/97 
It is always neat to see how much our past memories are different then what is people's truth now days. 
Jerry and I met when I was 19. I moved to cookville with one of my best friends and her and her family were friends with jerry. She introduced us and I thought he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Even to this day, jerry has this amazing ability to make a person feel special and to really listen and care about what they are saying. 
He was the first Christian guy I had ever met and he proved that gentlemen did exist. 
We started dating October 1996 and got married Nov 1997. 
Today we showed the kids where he asked me to marry him. Jerry did an amazing-all-day event, which you have to ask me to get the full story, and then we ended the day date with a surprise dinner where he asked me to marry him. 

TTU has changed the area some but this is where I said "yes" to becoming his wife. I am still very thankful I said yes. 

God always knows what he is doing and I love that he choose me to be the opposite yet perfect fit for jerry. Everything that I lack he completes and the same is true for him. 

I am so thankful that I moved to a new city with Ginger. I am so thankful that Jerry was there at that school and we met. 
I am so thankful that this Boy and girl 

Became a family of two

And later became a family of 7 

I am thankful for his difference even though at times they make me so upset. It forces me to be more then I am, different then I am, better then I am. It forces me to see things through someone else eyes instead of my own selfish ways. 
I am thankful for the father he is and husband he continues to be. I am thankful for the man of God he is and leader for our family. 

I am thankful for this crazy Turney clan.