Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A forced change of pace.

The day started out with a huge goal on the list. Operation re-vamp this crap. 
Do any of you have a kids room that gets dirty so fast that it just makes you angry to walk in there? Well, that is actually how  I feel about my two girls room. I will spend hours cleaning their room, with their help and then one busy day of playing in there and a-get in bed now- mom is done for the day-we can clean it up tomorrow, turns into an explosion of crap everywhere. This can take weeks to recover from. Ava is the sweetest thing ever but that girl is the worst at cleaning. 

I wrote the other day about how I woke up and saw everything that needed to be done....this was a top mark on the list 

Now granted, this picture is taking after we already brought the three buckets in for sorting out goodwill, storage, and keep-in-room piles, but the room still was crazy. 
We worked solid from 9 until about 3 when all of the sudden all power was out for the whole house. Gabi said she heard a loud pop and we looked outside at the transformer to see if it was smoking. 
Upon walking into the alley we saw a dead squirel up there and smelled burning. Eek for the animal and bummer for us. 
What was a project that was coming to a close was at a stand still. We had tons of fake candles and put them in the girls room. Fyi- their room is a middle room and it is big enough for them  but it has no windows. It is more of an extension of our master room but with five kids, you work with what you got. That being said there was no chance of natural light to help us, we needed the candles. 
We were able to move some shelves that Caleb and Gabi did an awesome job early that day putting together. I was able to change some sheets and a few other odd and end things got done but that was it. 
Being that it was Wednesday night it meant church but seeing that I had been working all day and was hardly out of my pjs and now had no lights to help this hot mess, I decided to stay home with the two little ones while jerry took the other three to Bethel. 

After they left I set about gathering most of my real candles and cleaning off my kitchen counter before it got dark. 
I figured this should hold us until the power came back on. I am thankful I save random candles for things like this. 

I then needed to figure out what to do for dinner. We have a gas stove but I had not  lit the fire my self before and didn't really want to blow up the house trying. 
I called my daddy. My daddy knows how to do everything. My husband would have been a big help too but he was now in church so dad to the rescue. He told me how and I did it. 
I will be all dorky saying this but it felt awesome. I was pretty proud of myself. 

I am thankful for a daddy to help me. I am also super thankful that I can do that now and that I had yummy leftovers for a quick meal. 

With everyone gone and it too dark inside to accomplish anything, the younger kids and I went for a walk. I love where I live and I am very thankful for the easy neighborhood to walk around. 

We even stopped at the mini free library and grabbed a book and a toy. If you don't know what that is, it is a small house like box built outside by someone's home near the sidewalk. You can come and take a book or toy for free. They only ask that you drop off a book or toy that you may have that someone else could take for free. 

Here is ava "reading" a book about dogs. She told us to be quite 6 times. 

Back home we found that the squirel was still there and power still off. 
The next two hours were kind of a boring blur. We lit candles, played toys, and used the iPad for a light while it played
Around 8:30 Caden said he heard the trash truck but I knew who it was. We threw on our shoes and headed out the back. We were soooo thankful to see these men! 

They worked, the knocked down the squirel, and they replaced the fried line. 
We are happy campers. 

Everyone got home right after the lights came on and had just enough time to do a few more things to the room. 
It is so much better now. I needed things to be completely different. I needed the habit of the ways things were done in the past to be broken. There are some things that stayed the same, like Koris pocket of the room is still hers but now if it doesn't fit in the buckets, it doesn't stay in the room. They are good with this. I believe that even though they hated cleaning their room, they wanted it clean and are willing to let go of some things to get it clean. 
The after results are well worth the, full day and even some of tomorrow, cleaning. 

Our day went nothing like I imagined it would go when I woke up this morning. I didn't get all of the things done that I needed to get done. But we worked together as a team. I am thankful for that. 
When the power went out, the kids were forced to use their imagination. I am thankful for that. With no power it meant no Xbox for Caleb so he played with Caden. 

I am thankful for that too. 
Today was off schedule but it was a good day. 
I am thankful for off schedule days.