Friday, July 3, 2015


Tonight I am thankful for good connections, fast friendships, and non-awkward conversation. 
Our long time friend Anthony got engaged and tonight we got to meet Sally. 
She is easy to talk to and she jokes around. This is a must for any of our friends - new and old - because we are always joking with people. We have a bit of dry sense of humor and if people don't get it....well we aren't friends. ;) 
We went and showed them the place that our friends Chris and Ada got engaged and even got to talk to the lady who let me hide out of her balcony to hide and take pictures when Chris got down on one knee. The place is AMAZING so we parked and walked down to the restaurant below. 

I am thankful for my health and my ability to enjoy an evening walk. The weather was perfect with just a bit of wind to keep us cool. We even heard the crowds cheering for the US Men's soccer game going on at the LP field. 

We then headed to 12 south and ate at Taqueria del Sol. I got the shrimp and corn chowder and it was so stinking good. I am looked about the recipe and it had 1/3 cup of sugar and lots of heavy cream and even more half and half. I am totally going to try and make it but just tweet it a bit for health reasons. I  am thankful for good food. We crossed the street and ate ice cream. This was my first time at Jeni's and it is amazing how long the line is outside waiting to get in. 
It was great tasting and well worth the wait. 

Throughout the evening there was a large variety of conversation and there was never the awkward pause that no one wants. I don't like those. I am thankful we escaped that. 
My kids are old enough to be the babysitters and I am very thankful for that. No fights and they were all smiles for that. Super thankful for that. 

All in all it was a wonderful, relaxing evening and a great start to the weekend. 

I am also thankful that Anthony caught the dork-ness of this picture bc without that it would have been the only one to post. Can we say hair at tooth making a gap. 

We now have a much better, normal one to post.