Saturday, July 25, 2015

Setting goals and failing

Oh my write a blog every day, that is the goal. The goal is hard. 
I fail often at the daily goal but always hit a weekly goal. 
My personality is one of living in the NOW. I am very good at enjoying what is in front of me and not worrying about anything else. I am very good at coming up with great ideas and even starting ideas. I am not very good at the follow through. 
I have learned over the years and even with this blog that making big goals are hard but needed. 
My big goal was - write every day for the whole summer. The little details were the - every day - part. 

Jerry has always been one to make future goals, big goals for our family. I typically don't think much into the future. I don't make weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals. I don't check things off list, heck I don't even make list. 

What I have learned so far from writing the blog and this is what I am thankful for, is that I can/need to make future goals I need to make big goals. It may be simple things like drink 10 glasses of water a day, wash 7 loads of laundry today, clean two rooms, read for an hour. It may be bigger goals like call and hang out with 3 new people this month or exercise 7 times this month ( this would be a lot coming from zero). The point is, I have learned that something as simple as making a goal to write every day and failing to write ever day has taught me something. It has taught me that without that bigger goal of the -daily blogging for the summer- I never would have written past one week. I would have set a smaller goal of "I am going to write every day" but not set an end time. It would have been fun but it would have seemed like an endless dream and I would have quit. I have learned to set a mark to hit and bullet points to get to that point. 

I have now written more with this blog then any other blog I have ever started. I have truly enjoyed writing. I am choppy in my writings. I don't use big words because I hardly know any and definitely could not spell them if I knew them. I don't know if many people read my blog and I am always surprised when people tell me they are reading them and enjoying them. I write from the heart and what is on my mind and even that changes sometimes once I get started. 
Did I hit my goal 100% ? 
But that wasn't the true goal. 
The true goal was to just write. 
Write as much as I can. 
To be thankful. 
To make writing a habit. 

I am so thankful I set a goal. 
As I went back to see when I first started this thankful blog I see that it was two months to the day. May 25 I set a goal. 
Summer is not over and I will continue to write choppy. I will continue to use simple writing because I am simple. I will also take this lesson and apply it to my daily life. I will make a goal to have lunch with 5 friends each month and if I only meet with 3 it is more then never setting the goal. I will work out 7 days that month. If I only get in 3 it is at least a step in the right direction. If I go over-well than a happy dance will follow. 

Setting big goals and failing is better then never setting any goals at all. 
( I am pretty sure someone else wrote that but I have just learned it and it is my heart exactly) 

What type of big goals will you set and what kind of Bullet points will you set to get you there? 
Are you the kind of person who keeps going even if they miss the mark or do you just quit if you cant do it 100% ? 

(Picture at top has nothing to do with this post. It is just me and my beautiful kids  in front of the White House and I needed to post their awesomeness)