Sunday, July 19, 2015

Roof top views.

It has been four days since my last post. I have tons to be thankful for but extra time is not one of them. It seems this week has been like running through mud, I have tons to do but it is taking so much longer. 
I posted earlier this week about burning my hand and I am happy to say that it is healing up just fine. 

I am pretty sure that some of the feeling is gone forever but praise God it was not worse. 
Then, on Friday I had an allergic reaction to something. It is Monday night and I am still dealing with hives. I have taken Benadryl and it doesn't seem to be helping. 

This is not good. I am a hot mess right now. We were supposed to head out of town Sunday morning at 7 and I just could not get my head in the game of packing. The older kids had just gotten back from camp and with all this random stuff happen to me I could not muster up the desire to leave my house for a trip. 
My amazing husband suggested that we leave later in the day and just stay half way in a hotel. 
I am very thankful for his wonderful suggestion. It made the packing and traveling much easier. 
We are visiting partners and friends this trip. I am so thankful for doing college ministry because it has allowed us to get to know thousand of student who then travel all over the world. 
Tonight we got to hook up with a Vandy grad and his fiancĂ©. They live right in downtown Washington. We walked to a wonderful Thai restaurant and then back to their place to see the city from the roof top porch. 
I want a roof top porch. 
We are thankful for the wonderful connections we have with the past graduates from Vandy. Andres and Mayra, thank you for spending time with jerry and myself and for the wonderful dinner. 

I am also thankful for friends that we met years ago but still have a wonderful relationship with. Tonight we are staying with friends that we have know for about 19 years. 
David and Charity have opened up their home to our family more then once and we are very thankful. 
Everyone is getting along just fine. 

Even s'mores likes us. 

I am thankful for friendship that can pick up right where you left them. It has been at least 3 yrs since we have seen our dear friends and yet we just pick up as if we saw each other last weekend. 
I am thankful that our kids are playing really well together. Not much is worse then being friends with someone and your kids hate each other. "Sorry we can't be friends, our kids can't stand each other" - ya, that is not a winner in how to make friends. 
I am thankful for safe traveling and for house sitters. I am thankful for healing on my body. There is always something to be thankful for.  Take a moment and thank God for at least one thing. He will bless you for it.