Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A 10lb what???!!!

Hindsight, I would say that this started sometime around the age of 15. What am I talking about you ask? The time that I found out I had a 10 lb ovarian cyst. Crazy right?! My 5 kids never weighed that much but a cyst did. 
I remember being between the age of 15-19 and always feeling kind of pouchie. We lived near the gulf and we had lots of relatives who had pool so we went swimming a lot. I was always very self conscious about having a little bit of a stomach. I was told that if I would stop picking things up with my toes that I might not have the pooch. I still pick things up with my toes. I blame it on having back pain since I fell 15 ft out of a tree when I was 13 but that is a whole nother story. 
When I was 19 I was living out on my own with my twin and in a span of 2 months I had 2 people ask me if I was pregnant. I was not but was very embarrassed by the question and the fact that I did kind of look like it. 
At the time I was working closing at Taco Bell ( still my favorite fast food restaurant) and while shutting down the front I was having pain in my side while sweeping and mopping. 
I went into a walking in clinic and they told me I was 5 months preg but they couldn't find a heart beat. I was at the time in a relationship and thought maybe I was preg and the baby had died and that was what was hurting. They did a urine test then followed up with a blood test and both come back negative that I was not pregnant and had not been. 
The walk in clinic sent me to an actual obgyn bc they were at a lost. That dr did an ultrasound and was shocked at what he found. He told me I had a huge cyst and how in the world did I not know about it. I of course, had no answers for him. This was a Thursday and we set up an appt for surgery asap. He said the only other one he has seen that was bigger then mine was in a woman who was over 200lbs and she had a 40 lb one. 
With the surgery I had no ovary, it was no where to be found, and lost one of my Fallopian tubes. ( you have one on each side and an ovary on each side for this that don't know) I was told that it might be very hard to ever have kids. 

Fast forward a year and Jerry and I are dating. For some reason he tells his mom my story ( we were not dating at the time of the cyst)  and his mom was not comfortable with us getting married because she wanted grandkids and was not sure If I could have any babies. 
Jerry and I did not have a relationship with accountability and did not set boundaries and we got preg with our amazing daughter Gabrielle. Now having a relationship with Jesus, I would have loved to of waited for our wedding day to be together but though that God used it and Jerrys mother gave her approval for us to get married. I could have kids. 
Despite the one ovary I have gotten preg with zero trouble at all. 

So my thankfulness goes to God for using amazing ways to bring glory. His will is for us to wait but He takes our decisions good or bad and when we allow him to, it can be made into amazingness. 
I am thankful for God giving us two ovaries lol. I am thankful for my 5 earthly babies and that I have two I get to see when I am in heaven. 
I am thankful my mother law approved of me. I am pretty sure I surpassed her amount of grandkids she dreamed of. 
I am thankful for a husband who has loved me though all of my health problems. 
I am thankful for my amazing kids God has blessed me with.

 I wouldn't change my story for anything.
 It is mine and it is amazing.  What about your story are you thankful for?