Sunday, June 7, 2015

I never planned on 5 kids.

I am not much a planner. I sort of live in the moment, a here and now gal. I was not the child who had her wedding planned out or even a clue what she would be when she grew up. I took each day as it was and moved on to the next day never carrying anything over. 
If you have been reading my blog you have heard my story of some of my babies. The thing is, the only pregnancy we planned was Rena's and Caden, every other one was a wonderful surprise. I LOVE surprises. 
I am so thankful for my 5 amazing kids. They are so much fun. Gabi is a blast. I truly enjoy hanging out with her and talking about the day. She is a lot like me and lives in each moment. She is kind and giving. She a goof and full of confidence. She has an awesome moral compass and makes wise decisions.  
Caleb has the quickest comeback remarks that are so funny. He is shy but hilarious with those that get to know him. He is amazing at doing impersonations and can mimic many voices. Not many people get to see that side of him.  I wish I saw more. He is always so smart. He takes after his father with that. 
Kori is the most creative child I have. She can come up with the best ideas for games and her toys. She has a number of times come up with super fun ideas for carnivals for us to play. She also can easily get stuck in a pattern of life. Textures, habitis, and taste can be a big challenge when it gets changed from what she is used to. This is a huge pain but can be helpful being that it is simple once we find the right things she likes. Getting to the point is painful though.
Caden is a great cuddler and has the sweetest kisses ever. He is very passionate about everything he does. This is good. This is bad. He is all or nothing and gives nothing half way. He is an amazing reader and loves learning. He has a new kick with wanting to have his hair styled and wants to wear a tie and vest all the time.
Miss ava the baby. She is the icing to the cake. She is kind and respectful and teachable. She does not like arguments and wants peace. Like Gabi and my self, she is a in the moment gal also. I have said that everything I have tried to teach the other 4 kids has morphed its self into the one p
erfect child. We call her the fifth and final Turney.
I am so so so thankful for my kids. They make life fun, exciting, adventurous, difficult, streasful, and amazing. They cause you to grow, learn, pray, cry, laugh, and love more then you ever thought possible. I cannot imagine life without them and I thank God often for the surprises.