Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home in two places.

Home for me is in Alabama and in Tennessee.
I am thankful for all of last week to spend at home. In Alabama. It is always great to go back and see how much it has changed over the years. I love how our brains can have a mental picture of our past and we are always comparing our present and future stories to this mental picture. So many times though it doesn't even compare. 
We stayed at my daddys new house and on Friday my twin joined us with her family. The kids had a blast visiting cousins. Papas cabinets were the perfect spot for an intense game of hide and go-seek. I am thankful for the chance to spend the morning part of Father's Day with him. 
Poor daddy though, he will need a vacation after our vacation. His new house is a loud, hot mess of Turneys and Nicodemus'. 

Today we traveled back to our now home 

And we are thrilled to be back. 

We had a very rough start getting out the door to travel but with some worship music on and kids not allowed to talk we headed out and we survived. It was me and four of my five kids making our way back and I am thankful for perfect weather and traffic the whole way back! 

Being home is an amazing feeling. I love my home and because I am a huge fan of cooking, I am thrilled to be back where I can cook what I want. 

More than anything else, I am thankful for my family. We were stocked to see everyone again and have the whole Turney clan back together. 

I  thankful for my husband who is a great daddy and does the hard work to provide a safe home for us to live in. Happy Father's Day to him too! 

Being home in Alabama was great but being home where MY family is, well there is nothing that tops that.