Thursday, June 11, 2015

Free vacation??


Well not quite free but close to it. For at least 4 years now my in-laws have been taking our family on summer vacation. My father in law is retired military and because of that when he buys tickets to Florida attractions, he can get a discount. The first year they said it was the only time we could do this. The next year they said it was the last time. Last year they said we probably won't do this next year. This year they have told us to enjoy this because it might be their last one. Needless to say, we enjoy each trip as if it is the last one lol. For the most part we do the same trip and just change it up a bit. We have done just Disney and we have done just Universal. We have a done a combo of both and even added Bush Gardens in to the mix. For the past three years we have added Coco beach to our trip and we love it! This year we are doing Universal, Coco Beach, and some dinner shows that were favorites from last year and added a new one in. 
If you are ever in Orlando I recommend you see a dinner show. You can sit and rest, eat, and have fun. We went to a Pirate one and a Knight show. 
The grandparents save up for this and enjoy seeing their only grandkids having a blast. I am very thankful that my kids have a relationship with them and I am very thankful that they choose to take us on vacation each year, whether it is our last year or not.