Monday, June 15, 2015

Old friends, new memories.

It has been at least 11 years since we have seen our friends Sammy and Loretta. They lived near us and we met them at our home church where we became friends. In 2004 they moved to Florida and we haven't been able to meet up until today. I am thankful that they are brave enough to allow our Turney clan to hangout. We are a big, loud bunch and they don't even blink an eye. Loretta did an awesome job on cooking a great meal for everyone and even had games that they kids could play to keep everyone happy. I am thankful that even with it being years since we have seen each other that we were are able to pick right up and hang out as if we see each other every weekend. 
They have this awesome screened in back porch that I want for my entire back yard 

It has a full screened top where light comes in but keeps bugs out. That is my kind of outside play. 
After dinner we went on a drive around town to see their neck of the woods. And ended with a stop at Starbucks

The thing about Florida that was surprising to me, though it probably shouldn't have been, was how much it looked like my home town in Alabama. I have only been in the tourist parts of Florida so this is my first time to be out in the normal part of this state. It was so pretty. I am thankful for this chance to see other parts of Florida. Thank you Sammy and Loretta for allowing us to stay at your home. You are welcome to stay at our home anytime you are in Nashville.