Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our moment of country life.

Today we got to hangout with our cousins and the kids got to do a little country living for about 2 hours at "Two Cracked eggs 

I grew up in the country and would move back to that life in a heart beat. I love the open space and quite sounds that country living can bring. 
My cousin Kasey is the same age as my twin and myself. We have know each other our whole life and I am thankful that we are friends. Having her and her sister along with so many other cousins all live around the same town was amazing. It was so great to grow up with my mom's family on one side of town and then dad's family live on the other end of town. My kids jokingly say that all of south Alabama is related to me. That is prob. not far from the truth. I am so thankful for a huge family. 
Today at Kasey's house the kids got to go help gather chicken eggs. This is something Kori loves to do at our friends Brittany house and does it everything we go there and get our hair cut. 

Eli, Kasey's 3 yr old was showing us the ropes with raising chickens. He even taught us how he catches one. 

We watched as her older son and his friend cleaned the catfish they caught today. Some of my kids touched guts, others felt a little nauseous, and some wanted to see brains and hearts. 

We always have a great time with our friends, who happens to be a relative, and today we are so thankful for our play date with them. Thank you for our small moment in the country life. 

Do you live in the city or country? Would you change your location if you could?