Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family, High fives, and Jamie grace.

Today I am super duper thankful for my church family. I love that they teach the Word of God. I love that they do not back down and water down the Word just because it may go against what the world is teaching today. I love that the leaders are creative and fun and always praying for new ways to reach the lost. 

On Wednesday night I have been serving up stair with our youth group. 3 of my 5 kids are in there so it only seems fitting that I would help out. Tonight a young man named Bryson spoke and he did an awesome job. He was funny and got his point across by using silly examples like pretending his sin was high fiving everyone. It was great! I am so thankful when speakers do a great job on keeping the audience awake and interested.  

I am thankful that I go to a church where famous people can come and not be ran over by fans. They are respected and treated kindly and normal. Tonight Jamie Grace was upstairs in the youth service and then joined my small group. She was down to earth and was able to talk with  the girls about our group question. Back in May she was here and was we got a picture with her then. Now we are old friends. 😜 

We live in a world where it is all about filling our own needs. We are always asking " what about me, what do I want, what do I get?" Going to a church that serves others is wonderful. It is a family that looks out for each other and has got your back. The enemy wants people to feel alone. He wants us to feel exposed, like no one has our back. I am thankful for where I am in my life and for my church family.