Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I get to choose.

I live in a free country where I get to decide just about every avenue of my life.  I have the option to choose where I want to live, what doctors I want to go to and what subjects I want to learn more about. Today I am thankful that I get to choose what foods I can eat. I am so thankful that in just about every town there are many different grocery stores to choose from and inside there are thousand of options for which to feed our families. 
Today I chose Costco and Publix. Before we left on our vacation we ate all of our main food. We did not have any eggs, milk, bread, fruit, cereal, or even oatmeal for a quick meal. Jerry picked up some of these items when he came back in town but today I am thankful for the chance to go full grocery shopping and I am thankful for a full fridge. 

I get to choose this. I get to choose to buy foods that feed my body, that heal me, and that make me feel good. 
When I was juicing before we traveled I felt great. I wrote about how my back had very little pain. Today, after two weeks of not great eating choices, I feel a lot of pain again. Today I bought veggies for more juicing. I get to start feeling better again. 

I also got to use the juicer my friend Rachel let me borrow. I am in love I tell ya!! 

I have written about how my old juicer was so loud and I posted a short video clip of how I had to bang on it to get food un-caught. It is awesome 😏 
This new juicer was so quite that no one knew I was using it. Now that was truly awesome. I am very, very thankful that Rachel saw my video on Instagram and offered her juicer to borrow. I love social media. I am thankful for that. Each day is new and each day comes with victories and trials. You have to take a pause and choose to be thankful in all situations.