Monday, June 1, 2015

We are taking it back to the 1970's


That is what era my juicer came from. My mother in law buys lots of things for the kitchen but being that she is self taught English speaking from Korea, she sometimes has a hard time understanding how some things work and being able to read the instructions. She bought this juicer soooo many years ago and a few years ago gave it to me. It had probably only been used a handful of times when she owned it. 
When I first got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 I figured I need to add some veggies to my life. Juicing was the fastest way to accomplish that. I think I went about 3 days and then quit. I wanted to chew something, I was tired of liquid and wanted crunch. Awhile after that I was having severe upper stomach pain and realized it was my gall bladder and was ready to go to the ER. Jerry was at the movies with the kids and when he got home that pain had let up some. I researched it and did not really want surgery to be an option. I read some things about juicing so again pulled out the oldie. I went 10 full days that time and I totally credit that cleanse to never having gall bladder pain again and for  that paired up with prayer bringing a healing in my body with MS. About two years ago I went in for a check up with my neurologist and he wanted a second opinion. The second dr still agreed that I had MS because the lesions were still there. He said I had what less then 10% of patients have and that is benign MS. 
When we pack the veggies into our body it is able to start the healing process.  Sometimes it can happening quickly and sometimes it can take years to heal. No matter what though, putting veggies in will always be the best option. 
Today's thankfulness is all about my mother in law giving me things, my awesome, very old, juicer, and for my health getting a rude awaken that  started me on a better path. 

A side note: you can juice for pretty cheap by getting things like carrots, celery, romania lettuce, ginger, lemon, cucumbers, and apples. 
We get all of these ( minus the ginger) from Costco 
For all this it usually cost about $50. You can't beat that with a stick now can ya? 

Have you ever juiced? Are you good at getting your veggies in and if so what is your favorite way to?