Sunday, June 14, 2015

Room service.

Most of our travels involve staying in a hotel and we always stay at a Marriott. Jerry started getting points years ago and we still get them and use them often. We are always pleased with this company but sometimes they give a little extra. 
Tonight when we got back from our day at the park we found this sweetness 

We are a messy group and it is more about the small space with the amount of people in here then the actual mess. Who ever our cleaning lady is they are always on for a full job when visiting our room. I am thankful for each person who blesses us with a clean room and I am extra thankful for women like our lady today because she does sweet things like the above picture. Our kids were so tickled to see the favorites all laid out and ready for them. 
Whatever your job is there is always a way to be a blessing. No matter your job be thankful that you have one. I am thankful for this sweet woman and for her heart to bless my family with her small action today.