Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sunscreen, good or bad.

There are a million articles out there on the benefits of sun screen and the harm with them. I have my personal opinions based on the little I have read on the topic. Today we went to Cocoa Beach here in Florida and I put on a level 8 sunscreen and Gabi put on the level 50. She asked me what is the difference with the two. I was not 100% sure other then it blocked the UV Rays or something like that. Hours later after we were back at the hotel and the kids had played in the pool and had baths I showed Gabi how much sun I got. I said this is the difference in the 8 and the 50, being that she was sporting a nice tan and I was a lobster. 
I love the sun and I love a tan, even with all the talk about skin Cancer. I personally believe that skin cancer and Breast Cancer can ( but not always) be caused by the toxic chemicals we put on our body. When we are hot our pores open up and allows everything to go right into our bodies. All those toxins build up and our body's have no place to put them so they cause problems. I only use sun screen for mid day, long term, beach/sunny days, and even then it is only to prevent 3 rd degree burns....not skin cancer. 

I am aware that sun causes our body's to produce vitamin D and this helps with strength for our bones, inflammatory issues, and depression to name a few of things.  I have been tested a few times and I have really low levels of Vitamin D, this seems to be a common thing with MS patients. Because of low levels, I am a big fan of getting my sunshine and I am not a fan of getting fried -see above picture. I did just read that sunscreen inhibits Vitamin D Production. Say what?? If I wear sunscreen and go out side to get my dose of vitamin D it is a no go?? Yep, that is what I just read in an article. I guess the best way ( and they do teach this) is to try and go out side for about 30 mins a day. For the long term beach options I am open to suggestions on a good, healthy one that has a high spf, obviously. 

Today I am thankful for beach time.
I am thankful for perfect beach weather. I am thankful for sand, waves, and an outdoor shower to rinse off. I am thankful for our awesome tent and a grandma who set in it the whole time to help keep it down. I am thankful my kids love the beach and for beach buckets. I am thankful for aloe and ice cold water. I am glad that even at 6:30 at night we still needed sunglasses bc it was so bright, it gave us plenty of day time. 
Last but not least I am thankful God made  our body's to produce something valuable while in the process of trying to protect us. There is a good lesson in the natural defense.